Nordin ben Salah, born in M'Tioua Morocco on the 18th may 1972. At the age of two Nordin came with his parents, two sisters and two brothers to The Netherlands. Nordin was brought up in a strict but fair way. Looking back at his childhood he enjoyed it and was a happy child. It gave Nordin the base for the man he is today with the achievements that came along with it.
While searching for the right balance between the Dutch and the Moroccan culture father ben Salah brought the family back to morocco, so the children could make the Moroccan language and culture their own. At that time Nordin was 12 years old and spoke mainly Dutch. After two years the family returned to The Netherlands.
Nordin was 14 years old when he came back and started his vocational education in The Netherlands. Nordin did two years education in metal and then two years aviation engineering at Fokker. When Nordin finished his education he worked for two years at Fokker building airplanes.

Nordin always looked up to his older brother Habib who was a professional kickboxer. So in 1987 at the age of 15 Nordin decided to follow in his brother's footsteps and started kickboxing as well. Hoping that one day he'll be as good as his big brother.
In that same year after six months training Nordin made his first step into the ring. And it was immediately very clear that he was indeed very talented. Nordin becomes European Champion 1993 in Finland. One year later in 1994 Nordin becomes World Champion in Amsterdam.

From kickboxing to professional boxing
In 1994 Nordin's kickboxtrainer Cees van der Velden decided to start a sportcenter in Amsterdam instead of Purmerend. Out of practical reasons Nordin started training in another sportcenter in his hometown Purmerend. There he finds himself a new trainer Michel van Halderen.
During regular boxing training it appears that Nordin has a specific talent for boxing as well. So Nordin says goodbye to kickboxing and takes up on professional boxing.

The first fight
On may 28th 1994 Nordin faces his first boxing opponent in the ring: Jacob Laszlo. This first boxing fight is won by Nordin in the first round by a KO.
A start which is representable for the rest of his boxing career as we all know by now.

Benelux Champion Middleweight
In 1997 Nordin won all 14 times that he stood in the ring. He won three times on points and 11 times on KO's.
On the 19th of September 1997 Nordin gets in the ring against Hassan Mokhtar (Belgium). This is the first time Nordin fights for a title and he takes it home. Nordin can call himself from now on: Benelux Champion Middleweight.
In 2000 Nordin defends the Benelux Champion Title against Mike Algoet (Belgium) successfully.

Raymond Joval vs Fighting Nordin
The competition between Raymond Joval and Nordin starts in 1997 when Joval had to defend his Dutch Champion Middleweight Title against Nordin. Rather than defending his title Joval made the title vacant for Nordin.
As known in 2003 this is the first but surely not the last time Joval lets Nordin down. And even nowadays there are many fans waiting for this fight or better: the boxing world is waiting for Joval vs Fighting Nordin. But most of the time Joval seems to have some kind of excuse or reason not to fight against Nordin.
Many fans are still wondering and guessing why Joval won't take up his boxing gloves against Nordin. It is well-known that Nordin is one of the best and most dangerous boxers in The Netherlands so it makes it obvious that many people think that Joval just doesn't have the guts to fight Nordin.

WBU Champion Super Middleweight
1999 is the year for Nordin first World Title. After Nordin won all 23 fights up till now he is ready to fight for the WBU Champion Super Middleweight Title. Unfortunately this doesn't turn out so well for Nordin. Although Nordin beats Norbert Nieroba (Germany) on points in 12 rounds the WBU takes the title away from Nordin as there was a minimal amount of ephedrine found in his urine. As Nordin used nutritional supplements which contain a minimum of ephedrine.

Dutch Champion Light Heavyweight
October 1999 brings the Dutch Champion Light Heavyweight Title for Nordin after he defeats William Krijnen in Rotterdam The Netherlands. Another crown on his career which still consists of only winning all 24 fights in his boxing career.

WBA (E.B.A) Intercontinental Super Middleweight Champion
The first time Nordin fights for the WBA Super Middleweight Title was in 2001. Nordin lost for the first time in his career. It was Sidney Msutu who knock Nordin out in 9 rounds. But Nordin does not give up so he entered the ring against Msutu again in 2002.
This time Nordin wins and brings the Title to The Netherlands. Altogether after 34 matches of which only 1 lost it is a well-deserved crown on Nordin's career.

March 16th 2003
That was the day that Nordin shocks the boxing world by losing the WBA title to Francisco Mora (Argentina). This evening Nordin's performance was way under his usual boxing achievements. Nordin had a very bad day and was very disappointed about this match although he knew there was nothing he could have done about it. He just didn't feel himself that evening.
After saying that he will give up his boxing career if he'd lose this match Nordin could not leave it as it was after this performance. So when the WBA said that he could do a re-match he decided to take it on.
At the end of May 2003 Nordin was supposed to enter the ring again versus Mora for the WBA title, but unfortunately Nordin got an injury at his right-hand during training. The match was rescheduled for August 2003.

September 6th 2003 WBA (E.B.A) Intercontinental Super Middleweight Champion again
The re-match Fighting Nordin vs Francisco Mora. A very important match in Nordin's career as loosing means that Nordin's boxing career is over. But Nordin wins and takes the WBA Intercontinental Title Super Middleweight back home with him. This fight might be Nordin's step to the world title.

September 2004
On the evening of 20 September Nordin was shot and died in the hospital due to a shot in his head. Family and friends are deeply shocked and nobody understands or knows why this happened to this great guy.

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