'Fighting' Nordin ben Salah (36-2-1 / 26 KOs)

Still missed by many family and friends.

This section called Fighting Nordin is a reconstruction of the original pages that Nordin made together with the webmaster of FightingNordin.com.
Nordin knew what colours he wanted and also the things he wanted on his website.
Nordin said many times: "Never forget the records behind a boxers name...that's very important!!!" He had to say that because the webmaster was going to make what he wanted and...knew nothing about boxing! 

We had a great time having lots of fun while making the website, surfing the internet looking for ideas, reading his email when he wasn't around to do it himself, the first poll we made was hilarious as it was a really teasing poll for Francesco Mora who actually gave a very annoyed reactions. Unfortunately the polls probably can't be restored.
Then it was almost a sport before a match to annoy and heat up the spirits before the fight by messages on the website and in Nordin's own log. Nordin wished to add some let's say "American touch" into the Dutch boxing sport. Nordin was sure it would bring more people to events if it was just brought with more mouth, more dare, more challenge...

There was one day where we were surfing the internet, looking for inspiration for the website. We crossed a website which collected money for "old" boxers with a poorly pension. Nordin thought that was just awesome. Boxers that gave us the most beautiful fights, boxers who meant something for this beautiful sport, but also boxers who were forgotten to fast as they got old or unable to fight anymore. Nordin loved this thought! Internet was a place where a boxers can be remembered forever. No records need to be forgotten anymore and those very good boxers who were easily forgotten are honoured.
Okay so we knew what our goal was in Nordin's words to speak: " 'Fighting' Nordin ben Salah on the internet "map" to never be forgotten...."

Although it never got really finished due to boxing events, training, and/or other events we do want to preserve what we do have. Things that seem even more important now than ever before. Of course some things need to be adjusted technically or emotionally.

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