Scroll down to 22-01-2004 to start reading the messages written by Nordin himself !!!

12-12-2004 I keep trying to do some stuff on the website, but it makes me so sad that I just cannot do it. Every time I am reminded that Nordin is no longer with us.  When looking in the condolences on the web I see that people still leave messages for Nordin and that is comforting in a way, knowing that there are a lot people missing him. Also..I just read this just article in the paper from September where they wrote about female friends of Nordin who were extremely aggressive lashing out to Raymond Joval and it was written as if that is something new, so I just want to make a note here that the things Joval did or said just after Nordin died are very stupid. And it reminded me of the way Nordin always was looking for ways to get Joval in the ring and how Nordin wanted to use this weblog as well to get on Joval's nerves so that Joval would take on Nordin's invitation for a fight. The Worldtitle was Nordin's dream and on the second place was in the ring vs Joval. And I am convinced that Nordin would have written a whole page to Joval on this weblog if he was still alive, but I am as much convinced that Joval would not have said anything if Nordin was still with us, as much as Joval would not go in the ring when he had the opportunity to face Nordin with gloves on. - Webmaster

06-10-2004 For now I will try to keep you informed in this weblog. But in all honesty I must say that it is not easy. Everything seems and feels different. It does not seem right to add something to the site while Nor is not with us anymore, but on the other hand I keep remembering how Nordin always wanted to put the latest on the web no matter what circumstances. Even if it took some time like when he was in the hospital a while ago and he later wrote his story down to let the world now what was going on. That's why i will keep up the news page and the weblog for the time being. As Nordin used to use this weblog to say what he wanted to say about the media or other happenings I only think it is right to do that now while there is so much to say. Nordin's brother Habib will in a while discuss what to do next with this site. Till that time I will only add some news items which concern Nordin. Of course there will have to be made some adjustments here and there on the site. It is obvious that some things have to change, but because Nordin has put so much of himself in this site like the colours for instance that I personally think it should stay like it is in most ways. Because Nordin said what he wanted and how. He used to sit next to me telling me his ideas about how it should look while I did the work so we could immediately make it to something that he liked. And we did this quite a few nights or afternoons and we used to have so much fun, talks and phone calls! :-) And when there was absolutely no time he used to call and say: "just make something and we'll look at it later" - Webmaster

27-09-2004 We all had the opportunity to say goodbye to our special friend Nordin. So many friends who cared for him where present. So many tears and so much sadness. In a way it is comforting to know that the pain that comes along with saying goodbye to this great man is shared with so many people. I cannot think of anyone who would have so many sincere friends around him or anyone who could give as much as Nordin did in his way of being a father, brother, uncle, friend, trainer or in what other way that he passed other people's path. I decided for myself try and be more like him, because let's face it: it is a gift to be the way he was and if you are not so gifted you can only work hard on yourself to become skilled. - Webmaster

28-10-2004 That was the day of Nordin's funeral. Again a very painful day like many days for family and friends. A memorable day which again showed how loved Nordin was. Prayers for a good sent off to Allah. Faith is what pulls people through. Next time an update about the news and especially the Dutch media (for international readers to be updated) - Webmaster

25-09-2004 Today there was a silent march for Nordin. More than a 1000 people came together in Amsterdam to walk from the Museumplein to the President Kennedylaan to the spot where Nordin was shot Monday night. A very emotional and impressive day. From children to elderly people from all kinds of backgrounds and nationalities were there. People who knew Nordin as the man he was. As one of The Netherlands best boxers and as great personality: friendly, helpful, an inspiration, an example, an idol, and that description is not even complete. In the middle of all those people you could hear how he gave the young people believe in themselves, how the children looked up to him, how everybody is missing his wonderful smile, his friendly nature, his way of cheering somebody up, because that's what we needed today the most. I still don't have the right words to describe this day. It still seems so unreal. Not only the fact that Nordin is no longer with us, but also the fact that somebody was able to shoot this great man who meant so much to so many people. To see all those tears today from the youngsters till the though guys made me shiver all over with anger, because there is just no reason anyone could think of for taking Nordin's life away. - Webmaster

Nordin's funeral is tuesday 28-09-2004 at 15:00h at Westgaarde in Amsterdam. 

23-09-2004  To my friend Nordin, Well what can I say? We did not manage very well to keep this website up to date. I was busy, you was busy or we just did not find what to do next and thinking about that took some more time again.... Now sitting here looking at this weblog it feels empty. Very empty. No phonecall with the latest news or the message that you are too busy. No email with the latest news or just to let me know that we are going to work on the site in another couple of days because you are out doing what you do best: training, give training or being at events with your boys. I saw you about 1,5 week ago and you told me you wanted to make some things different on the website. You told me in big lines what you want and the details would have come later. I know more less which way you wanted to go. And first I decided to go ahead and do it. But then it just did not feel right because of the simple fact that you're not here anymore. I decided to wait till I found the answer about what to do.. Just now I received a phone call from Michel. We spoke about you and what to do with your "webthings". And the conversation gave me so much strength to continue. Just the way we always did it and within the back of my mind your thoughts about future stuff. So from now Nor i will keep your site going. You wanted a new and different website. It will be another one then what you had in mind, but your thoughts about how to will always be in it. I remember the day when we received an email from the site of Sandro Mazzinghi saying that they added you to their link page. You were ever so proud! Looking at the page while searching for your link you told me how great it is that this boxer stays on the map of the world to be seen by everybody, while usually a boxer is forgotten quite easily after his career is over. So now Nor I hope I can do you proud by putting you on the map of the world to be seen by everybody forever... Besides the "webthings" we did and talked about you were a dear friend who I could really count on if there was ever anything. I always thought it was such a shame that you had so little time to actually see each other. Communicating via email, phone or sms or quick passing by our house for a quick visit and/or a quick meal. But we always enjoyed your company and I never felt you didn't care because always in times of need you were there..time or no time.. Rest in peace my dear friend, Branca

01-06-2004 Yes we are back on the net. Don't ask why it took so long...or what went's a long story! Anyway .. more important is that we have a lot to catch up on. Let's start working on it! - Webmaster

09-03-2004 Nordin has returned tonight from his training in Lanzarote. While Nordin was training to defeat Magee in a fight over the IBO Worldtitel on April 17th in Ireland he still suffered some pains in his back and got in trouble with his elbow. As a result Nordin cannot step into the ring on the 17th of April, because this injury won't let him. Nordin promised to be online this week to tell us more....- Webmaster

22-01-2004 (written by Nordin)   Klik hier voor de originele nederlandse versie Hay everybody, Here's the latest news about the Big Boss Boxing. It is just a couple of days away! First of all two announcements: 1. bad news: Farouni has a broken rib, so he's not able to box! 2. good news: I've found a good replacement for Farouni: Jackson Osei Bonsu from Belgium. It's your money worth to watch this guy as he is a strong boxer and in the ring vs Aaron it will be a great match!

Jackson Osei Bonsu (vs Regilio Aaron) Jackson won 13 out of 14 matches. Twelve won on KO and 1 on points. Jackson's strong sides are tremendous punches in both hands, a very strong character and his physical condition is good for 100 rounds! The weaker sides of Jackson are that he is not so fast and he doesn't move!

Esther Schouten vs Julliet Winter Julliet Winter is from the UK and as we all know the British are fighters! This is a tough one who goes till the end. Julliet owns a very good defence, very strong punches and more than enough condition! Esther Schouten is World champion!!! Esther has all it takes to be a top boxer. She's fast with her hands, makes very good moves, great ability for combination, and she is enormously looking forward to this match, especially because this is a match at home! So....who will the winner be?

Renee Prins vs Hans Jansen Renee Prins has had 26 prof fights so the experience is there! He moves very well, makes good combinations and he fights his best matches versus right front standing boxers! Hans Jansen is such a right front standing boxer, lots of movement and very explosive! Hans fought and won 15 matches. Who goes home as a winner?

Then there's the amateur program: All together 4 matches under which two boxers who will go to Athens this summer to show their abilities at The Olympic Games. So enjoy a preview of The Olympic Games with Serdjouk and Wendell Ross. Innocent vs Faisal (A-match) Innocent is the smaller version of Mike Tyson: strong, lots of upper body movements, KO in both hands and enough physical condition for a stunning fight! Faisal is fast, very fast, good movements with his feet and upper body and he also has a great physical condition! Both boxers has seen each other in the ring before. Innocent won on points, but Faisal's hand got injured during the match. So this is an exciting rematch for these two boxers. Personally I hope that they both will be prof boxers after this match, because that would mean two more top talents in Dutch prof boxing!

I enjoyed making matches for this event. I'm sure that it will be successful and very enjoyable for everybody who comes to the Big Boss Boxing this Saturday. With enough support we can organize more events in the future! Till Saturday!

Nordin ben Salah

14-01-2004 (written by Nordin)   Klik hier voor de originele nederlandse versie Hello people, Everything ok? Today we'll talk about the next two matches of the Big Boss Boxing on the 24th of January:

Radmillo Soda vs Talal Talal is a boy from The Hague. Talal trains with Louatie (former European Champion!). Talal has had 16 prof fights and he is a boy that just goes on and on. Talal is not so fast and he does not have a KO in his hands, but he is just like me....there's no way of stopping him! Soda has had 8 fights up till now so Talal has more experience in the ring. Soda is not a fast boxer either, he does have a very good ability of combination, his upper body movements are very good and he has a iron mind when it comes down to winning!!! 

This will also be a very nice match...take my word for it!

Mohamed el Farouni vs Regilio Aaron Farouni is trained by Chris van Veen from De haagse Directe in The Hague. Farouni has a long amateur career behind him. He was several times Dutch Champion. As a pro he has seen the ring three times and won every time. Farouni is fast and moves a lot on his legs and his upper body. Farouni is a very smart boxer who can combine very well and has on top of that a great jab!! Farouni's physical condition is always very well! Aaron did not do a lot of amateur fights. Aaron won all six pro fights which he had up till now. Aaron is very fast, KO power is there, good upper body movements, good combination ability and it is an extremely smart fighter! I'm sure everybody will love this match....!

Well...let me know what you think of these matches!

Greetings, Nordin

03-01-2004 (written by Nordin)   Klik hier voor de originele nederlandse versie Hallo everybody! Let me start by wishing you a happy new year with lots of happiness, health, love and boxing fun!!! Two weeks ago I had surgery on my elbow and it goes very well. I can already give some light punches! I still don't have any news about my next fight so you'll have to wait till further notice. Let's talk about the Big Boss Boxing on the 24th of this month! Here on my website I will present to you 2 fights at a time so you'll know what's on the agenda! Let's start with the Profs!

Ridoaun versus Noel Soares  They both fight their first prof fight. They won't have any difficulty with 4x3 min. because both of them are used to fight 5x3 min. They've been kickboxing for years now and they even met in the ring before (Thai boxing) and Radouan won on points! So it won't be just a will be a thrilling match! Soares is boxing already for a while as amateur and he also boxed in the Dutch Championships. Soares is a very good boxer. His strong points are: good movements with his legs and upper body, he is very fast with his hands and has great sense for variety. He also possesses a powerful punch and his experience in boxing puts him a little bit ahead of Ridouan. Ridouan is not such a mover as Soares, but Ridoaun can box in left and right front. He has a great punch in both hands with an absolute strong cover!!!


Najim Ettouhlali versus Stanley Witteling A match over 6x3 min. Both boxers with KO power so...who is going down first?! Najim Ettouhlali is a boxer who has already made his name in the world of Thai boxing. Najim has had a lot of fights and is always good for an spectacular bout. In boxing he has two fights which both won on KO. His strong points are: great covering, KO power in his hands, a good ability for combination and this guy has some surprises to give away!

Stanley Witteling is a boxer who has faced many amateur fights and eight profmatches against very good opponents. Stanley's strong points are in both his hands which are both KO powerful, he is physically enormous strong, has lots of experience and owns a good combination. I AM VERY CURIOUS WHO YOU ARE GOING TO PICK AS THE WINNER! So that's it for today. Within a couple days I will introduce to you Soda vs Talal and Aaron vs Farouni! Greetings, Nordin

23-12-2003 Update story: (Written by Nordin) Hello everybody, It is a long time ago that you heard from me, I just didn't feel too well and I still don't!! But it is time to move on so that's what I am doing right now!

While writing this I am in Prague with one of our boxers: Rene Prins. Rene is fighting here in Prague (12-12-03) so I had a little trip to make! To finish the story about the last fight vs Mora when I ended the log about telling you that I was going for a walk with my brother: (see last weblog for the first part of this story) Anyway my brother took me for a little walk and I wanted to go back because I felt like I couldn't walk! Everybody around me worried sick because they thought it had to do with the damage in my head. I just could not walk anymore!

With panic we drove to the hospital in Purmerend where I live. But the hospital could not find the cause of it so they send me back to my physician to get a reference from him so that I could come back to hospital the next day! I could not believe those idiots to send me away for a reference while I was dying from pains!! Anyway we went straight to Amsterdam to another hospital, but they were not allowed to help me either because my treatment should takes place in Purmerend my hometown. There was only one thing to do: going home, being as though as possible to have the strength to carry the pains while waiting for the pain to go away. The next day scans where made of my back and it appeared that is wasn't my back that caused all the pain and not being able to walk, the pain came from slanting cymbal which caused pressure on a nerve! It was really painful! And the only way not to feel the pain was by lying on my back with my legs up in the air! But ok, It is over and done with. I am healthy and strong again! The doctors allowed me to do work again. So I am slowly picking up training again. There are just two things that need to be healed: my back winch I have treatment for in Delft and my elbow (right). On the 17th of DecemberI will have an operation in my elbow, because there are little pieces of bone in my elbow which have be removed.

All together it means that the year 2004 will be my year! Because my body will be in full strength and health! On February 26th I will be in the ring again. I don't know yet against who but as soon as I know I will let you guys and girls know! Something else new and important for the boxing sport in The Netherlands is the Big Boss Boxing on January 24th 2004 in Amsterdam (Velodrome). A new boxing event organized by Top Sports Group and myself! This evening will show how much boxing talent there is in The Netherlands, because believe me there are many good boxers with a lot of potential! As matchmaker of this event I can tell you that we there will be very exciting fights that you wouldn't want to miss!. So be there!!! (See also events) An evening to show that this little country has some of the greatest boxers and real champions!

As you may well understand it is hard sometimes to find the time to do everything that I would like to do. So I can only say that I do my very best to write some more as soon as I can. Because I would like to introduce to you the fighters of the Big Boss Boxing, who they are, what they have achieved up till now and of course who they'll fight on the 24th of January! If any of you has questions or suggestions...LET ME KNOW!

See you at Big Boss Boxing! Greetings, Nordin

23-10-2003 Nordin's story: (Written by Nordin)   Klik hier voor de orginiele nederlandse versie Hello everybody, It is a long time ago that you heard from me, because I wasn't feeling very well. Right now I am feeling much better and I am going to tell you what happened:

Back to the evening of the match vs. Francisco Mora (06-09-2003). As you all know by now I won the match. How did it go? For me it was a difficult fight, because I have been boxing in way that I don't like so much, but ok it was useful in this fight!

From the beginning I used my jab a lot, moved a lot with my right and kept distance! Yes it was a tough fight, the punches were not so bad, it was tiredness that was the biggest struggle and by the 12th round the tiredness really got to me. In the first round I got two punches that warned me off to be careful and in the last round I got a punch so hard on my forehead that I really thought that Mora must have had a lot of pain in his hand!! Altogether I didn't have any marks on my head so I did not take many punches.

After the match... When the fight is finished they're going to test you for doping. So I took my shower and I quickly drunk a bottle of water so I would have to pee much sooner (peeing is usually not very easy after a fight like that). Till I suddenly felt that I had to throw up and when I did I just kept on throwing up. That was a sign that something was wrong. After the doping test we went to the hospital and even in the ambulance I was still throwing up. In the hospital they took a CT scan and the photos showed a stain of blood in the right side of the back of my head as big as my fist (my fist is not to big!!!) That could be a life threatening situation so they kept me in hospital for 4 days on the intensive care department of the Erfurt Hospital. I must say that I did not have any pains from my head or other parts of my body those 4 days. So on the wednesday they arranged for me to go back to the hospital in my hometown Purmerend in The Netherlands. In a small airplane with two doctors they transported me to the Schiphol Airport (Amsterdam). From there I was brought to the Hospital of Purmerend and that's when this whole situation became really bad. I ended up in a little room in quarantine which is standard procedure after being hospitalized in another country, because you can carry some virus with you that can affect other patients in the hospital. Even the people who came to visit me had to wear protected clothing and something over their hair, mouth and shoes. That's ok, I can understand the reason for that. On friday the doctor finally came to me and told me that I had to stay in hospital till monday, because the test results about this virus (if I had it or not) would come on monday. But there was no way that I wanted to stay till monday just waiting for these results. I told the doctor that I wanted to go home, because I would be nursed much better at home then in that hospital. The doctor told me that is was also ok if I wanted to go home, so I left the hospital that friday. The next day (saturday) I started to feel pain in my back and I had a lot of trouble with walking. Sunday it became even worse and by the time it was monday my physical condition was so bad that I thought that it could not get any worse!!! That monday my brother Habib came by to see me and he said to me:" come on Nor we are going to walk a little bit, because you are only laying down and maybe that's the reason that your back hurts so badly!" I did not want to get up at all!!! But my brother kept going on about walking so I gave in to him and we were going for a nice little walk...but after 20 meters I told him that we had to go back otherwise he would have had to carry me!  to be continued..


19-09-2003 Pictures of Nordin vs Mora on the site today!

Thanks to and Edda Ruhling for providing the pictures! More news soon..- Webmaster

18-09-2003 When Nordin feels up to it he will tell you why he has been "away" for a while and he will also tell us about the fight vs Mora. At this moment we can only say that things are getting better. And Nordin will be back as soon as possible.

11-09-2003 (Habib ben Salah about the fight Nordin vs Mora) Nordin always looked up to his big brother Habib who is a very good kickboxer. Today Habib talks about his little brother Nordin who made him ever so proud in Erfurt last Saturday when he won from his opponent Francisco Mora and became WBA Champion Super Middleweight again.

Habib ben Salah: It was a magnificent fight. My brother did so very well. It was a difficult and tough fight for both fighters. They are both very strong and good fighters. They both want to really put all their strength into the fight, and that was also the tricky thing when they met in the ring in March.

But this time Nordin did very well on his tactics and was not just going for it like he usually does. Nordin kept it more backward instead of forward which in this case was very smart while it took so much more energy for Mora. Nordin kept going around in the ring from one site to the other while also coming in the centre to show Mora some left and right punches and now and then Nordin gave away a good explosion. And Nordin also knew how to keep a good distance to make Mora tired. So all together Mora took the beatings and was getting very tired. That's what made Nordin a winner while Mora wasn't expecting this technic from Nordin and Nordin kept himself from the mistake that he made the last time against Mora when he was going for punching his lights out. It was obvious to me that Mora was very frustrated the first 7 rounds by Nordin's way of boxing. And at the end of the fight there was this little moment where I for a second feared that my brother was going into the same mistake he made in the fight before with Mora when Mora came on to him very strong in the last round.

Habib ben Salah

09-09-2003 Nordin is not back yet from Erfurt. We expect him back in a day or two if not earlier. He is having a break in Germany and he is unreachable so we had a nice talk with Habib (Nordin's brother who was present in Erfurt) about Nordin's condition and of course the fight against Mora. Nordin is doing well. He had some pain in his right hand and elbow, but nothing serious. Both fighters did not have too much damage. Mora got off with a small nose bleeding as far as we know. Nordin is absolutely thrilled that he is the Champ again! And he deserves it. He showed them all in Erfurt what a tremendous fighter he is. And not just Nordin was over the moon, but also a large group of friends and fans who were there in Germany to witness this exciting fight, probably one of the most important fights in Nordin's career as winning meant back on the top where this great fighter belongs.

I could still hear the excitement in Habib's voice when he was telling that the first judge assigned a point to Mora, the second point went to Nordin and then the following seconds must have been killing as the third and last judge had the deciding point to give! And when this point was well deserved given to Nordin there must have been this supreme feeling off happiness for everybody who came to see Nordin and of course Nordin himself. As Habib said:" it was super, super super". I guess there's no better way of saying it.


06-09-2003 (2) Nordin takes WBA Intercontinental Title Super Middleweight back from Francisco Mora! Great job Nordin! Earlier this evening Nordin won his re-match vs Mora in Erfurt (Germany). In 12 rounds Nordin won on points 2-1 (114-115 115-113 118-114). It was a tough fight, but Nordin has shown the world that he is a winner! With this WBA Super Middleweight Title back in his ownership Nordin hopes to take his boxing career a step further to the WBA Worldtitle.

Congratulations Nordin! You are the best! You are the Champ!

06-09-2003 Tonight is the fight between Nordin and Mora! They will start between 21:00 and 22:00h. As soon as Nordin can he will let us know the results so keep coming back for the latest updates about this event. The German TV channel ARD comes at 23:00h with Sportschau with a live report. We don't know if it includes Nordin vs Mora but it's worth watching it!

05-09-2003 (Written by Nordin)  Klik hier voor de originele nederlandse versie Hello everybody,

It is the day before the fight against Mora! At 16:00 o'clock we had to weight. I was 76,1 kg and Mora 76,4 kg that's 200 gram to much so his pants went off and then his weight was 76,18 so that was all right.  I'm doing very well. I bet that you are curious about how I am going to fight Mora this time. Well...I am not going to tell you, because there are people from Argentina watching this website as well!!! hahahaha.

Now the difference with the last fight and tomorrow will be that I have to keep my mind at the fight, I must stay cool and box not fight! That is what I intend to do! Mora seemed just like the last time. I did not notice more muscles or anything. It is hard to tell from his body if he is trained well, but let's not underestimate him again... If there is anyone who would like to send me some support or advice email me before tomorrow 16:00 o'clock!!! Okay people, you will hear from me tomorrow how it went! Have a nice weekend! Greetings, Nordin

04-09-2003 As you've probably noticed Nordin did not have the time anymore to write some more about the training in Koln. But of course training is more important right now so we'll have to do it with what we know! This morning Nordin left his hometown to present himself in Erfurt. It is very exiting these last few days before this very important match for Nordin. When taking the WBA Intercontinental back home it will bring him closer to the Worldtitel. But if he doesn't it will probably be the end of his boxing career. The way he has been training and his current condition makes that we don't have to worry about losing. He is as tough as he used to be. His head is clear and he is ready to go for it with an iron determination to get his title back!

27-08-2003 (Written by Nordin) It is wednesday evening 19:00h and today is a day to rest. So I decided to go out to find an internetcafe to update you all about this week in Köln. This took me about 2 hours!!! After I finally found the place I had to wait 45 minutes because there was something wrong with the computer! They told me it would take about another 10 minutes so I already thought I would not get a note to you this I walk out of there and guess what! There was another internet café just 6 meters away! So there is a report about my doings after all!

Monday: I started the day with a 40 minutes’ walk at 10 o'clock in the morning. Also of course stretching afterwards. The rest of the day was quite easy till 5 o'clock when I had to go and do some sparring. And I actually thought I had to really do the best I can because there boys don't spar, they fight like it's matter of life and death! After a warm up we started the first sparring session of 6 rounds (not too bad as I was counting on 12 rounds fighting for my life!) After 6 rounds I was still in one piece and completely fresh so.....satisfied!! Tuesday: At 10 o'clock I started in the fitness department where I followed my own (power) training not to heavy do, because that killer would be standing in front of me again at 5 so I took it easily. My killer opponent was this time Jerry Elliot who did 40 fights of which he won 37 fights and round about 30 KO's on his name. Only one fight was undecided and that was the fight against me in 2000. So we know each other quite well!

We started sparring at 5 o'clock. Half an hour and one blue eye later we finished with yet again a very satisfied feeling! Wednesday: (today) Today was a day to rest and that's good because I still suffer some difficult injuries which can have a day for recovery today.

So that where my first days here in Köln! Right now I'll just continue being bored. So I say goodbye to you all with my most friendly regards and ..till saturday when i let you know again about my other days here in Köln.  Nordin

24-08-2003 (Written by Nordin) Hey everybody! I hope that everybody is ok.. It is time that you all here something from me personally. It's Sunday (24-08-03) and I am very busy with my preparations for the fight against Mora in two weeks. The training is going very well. I am very motivated to give Mora a fight as I usually do. My right hand is recovered but I still have some little injuries, but that's not going to stop me to reach my goal: the WBA Title! Today I am going to Köln in Germany for a week to train some more and to spar lots. I have to go now. Wednesday I will give another update about the training. Now I'm going to pack my stuff and get in my car! Till Wednesday... Nordin

22-08-2003 Website renewed! Another fight coming up and another "look"! Many fans are looking forward to Nordin's re-match on the 6th of September when he looks Mora in the eye again. More information about the fight, tickets and so an can be found at the event page. Nordin is in good condition. His right hand is healed but Nordin still suffers some little pains here and there. But nevertheless it is 100% sure that Mora is going to get a good beating! So don't miss this fabulous event and get yourself to Germany! 

Next Sunday Nordin goes to Köln for a week to get completely ready for Mora. Although Mora had more time to prepare there's no way that he takes the WBA title home again. It is coming back with Nordin to The Netherlands where it belongs! - Webmaster

13-08-2003 It is said that Raymond Joval is going to defend his title in September this year. Obviously he is ready to take up on his opponents again. Maybe he will finally get in the ring with Nordin. It's no secret that many people are waiting for this mega event. Nordin is ready for Joval anytime so let's keep our fingers crossed that Joval will have the balls this year to face Nordin... Nordin vs Mora on the 6th of September in Erfurt Germany. Match in the UK is definitely off. Nordin has a internet connection at home! So now he can reply his email more often!


Fighting Nordin vs Francesco Mora on the 16th of august is postponed to the 6th of September! Details about this match will follow soon!

10-08-2003 Updates are coming up!!! Just before leaving the country for a couple of weeks holiday the server went down and there was no time to find another solutions. That's why the site was unreachable. First thing we're going to do now is the updates. The fight against Mora is cancelled as well as Nordin's fight in the UK. - Webmaster

05-07-2003  Nordin just left the building. Left us with some more information about the Fightclub fighters so we can update the page. Nordin has a little agro in his back. Hopefully it won't be in the way of the rematch against Mora. But there's still time enough for Nordin to get well or better to start feeling on top of the world...At least he agreed that a good massage will do the trick. Our guestbook will be postponed due to holidays. As the website will be hosted somewhere else for a couple of weeks. By the middle of August the website will be back home where it will be updated again. So don't expect to many updates in the weeks to come..- Webmaster

02-07-2003 Nordin is back in his usual trainings schedule. Five times a week 2 times a day training for 1,5 hour. So altogether he is warming up for Mora on the 16th of August. Maybe Nordin takes off for La Santa as preparation for this important bout for the WBA title vs Mora. More news about that by the end of July. Nordin's right hand is still playing up a bit, but Nordin is determined not to give in to that. He wants this fight against Mora! So hopefully Nordin's hand will be 100% better by August...because we don't want to miss out on those dangerous punches from Nordin do we? We want to see Mora KO before he can say "piss". Now that Nordin has a slightly less dangerous right-hand maybe Joval would like to give it a try?!

The website had a small make-over. New is the Fightclub page where you can find information about the fighters who are trained by Nordin. We are still waiting for them to fill their profile but hopefully that will be done by the end of this week. Anyway a line of great young (Thai) boxers of we may expect a lot because they are talented and trained by the best, top ingredients for the best fighters ever! Nordin's biography is ready at least for the time being. Later on there will be more details and so on. For now there's too much work on the other stuff. - Webmaster

26-06-2003 Many things coming up: The biography is partly uploaded. There is still a little bit to come. Because there's so little time we will update the biography in a later stadium. An introduction of the " Fight Club" which is great news for everybody who likes boxing because this club is going to set up quite some fights for you. Nordin is the main man and of course we will introduce his all his fighters here on News updates about the upcoming re-match Mora vs Nordin.

All in time and as fast as possible. The next days are dedicated to these great new things!

06-06-2003 (Written by Nordin) Hello people, Yesterday I had my first boxing training and my hand handled it well so i am happy and started the training for the next fight against mora for the second time!!! This time it will be a different fight!!! More news will come ... Take care, Nordin

28-05-2003 Ok so there wasn't much news lately. And also the server which hosts had a lot of trouble. It is still not working as it should but we'll get there in the end. Nordin's hand is getting a bit better. His hand wasn't so good before the injury so Nordin really needs to give it a good rest like the doctor said. Anyway...Nordin thinks that the re-match vs Mora probably will be on the 16th of august 2003 in Germany. Nothing is sure yet, but as soon as we know anything we will report it here.

As there was a lot of interest for a trip to the postponed fight on May 31st chances are that for this upcoming fight there will be something organized again. You'll be the first to know!

Somewhere this week Nordin will be sitting down to reply his email and finish the biography which is still (nearly ready) waiting to be published on this web.

A special thanks from Nordin to the people who send him email for his birthday.

Updated: weblog and links

18-05-2003 Happy birthday Nordin! Our champ is 31 today!

Also a little party for the website because it moved to our server this morning. That makes it possible to make some new features in the future. Some visitors might have noticed the change while it took some time to move all the files, our excuses for that.

16-05-2003 As you probably already know by now Nordin injured his right hand during training. At this moment he still doesn't know yet how long it is going to take before he can fight Mora for the WBA Int. Title. Nordin expects and hopes that he can enter the ring against Mora in August 2003. During training three days ago a small piece of bone in his right hand broke. Nothing big but serious enough to stop Nordin from training and fighting. So let's wait and see when we see our champ back in the ring.... Also ...we are very happy with Peter who is going to take some nice digital pictures of Nordin's belts at sportcenter Wellness so we can finally put some nice shots on this website. So Peter thanks a lot and we'll enjoy working with you on this little project!

15-05-2003 We are back again. Enjoyed a nice holiday and going to update this site immediately. Coming up: news about Nordin's injury (the fight against Mora is off until probably at least august 2003) but first some coffee!

27-04-2003 NEWS NEWS NEWS Dutch fans can join Nordin's upcoming fight in Frankfurt am Oder 31st may. If there are enough people to join there will be taken care of transport and tickets to this event. For more information please call (0031)299 428876. Payment at front and reservations are to be made! So don't wait otherwise it might be too late! See also the event page. Then ..another thing. Webmaster is going on a holiday. So email will only be answered if it is of importance. All other things will have to wait for two weeks. This goes as well for the biography which we didn't find time for to finish. We are back at the 13th of May...we'll bring Nordin something nice back for his birthday soon! Don't forget: the champ is 31 this month!

23-04-2003 After a while of silence there is only good news: The rematch vs Mora is definite. So this happing will be May 31st in Frankfurt, Germany. 

Although every fight is important to Nordin, this one is even more important because it is crucial for his career. Last fight he announced to stop boxing if he lost his WBA belt and he did loose, but he made his fans very happen by stepping in the ring again vs Mora. So this time Nordin is going to show the world that he still is the best and he will take that belt home again. Then we want to say a special thanks to for letting us use the pictures from Nordin. And the pictures are very nice! They will be in Nordin's gallery soon.

18-04-2003 FLUE! We got it badly. So bad that we couldn't even bother doing anything. But we're getting better and bringing the latest news about Nordin online again.

And there is news because Nordin is going to fight Francesco Mora again at the end of May!! Details will follow very soon (we expect within three days max)We also receives some email about the website being absolutely unreadable in Netscape. We are going to work on that. As we don't have Netscape it never even occurred that there might be some problems! So thanks to the people who emailed us about it.

08-04-2003 Nordin is back! Yesterday he started his training again. As he has been taking it easy there's not much other news at this moment. There are still no pictures of Nordin's last fight vs Mora. We are working on it to get some pictures after all. But it is something that we cannot guarantee now. Nordin reacted a little disappointed on this news, but as it was a shit fight for him so on the other hand it might be a bit of a relieve. And he just told us about great fights coming up in the future so there will be plenty of pictures still to come. More news about upcoming fights soon. Coming up soon is a new page on this website: Nordin's biography. We are working on it right now. But with Nordin's career there's quite a lot to tell so be patient...

02-04-2003 Nordin's latest interview can be found at: and

28-03-2003 As could be expected there wasn't much news lately. Nordin is making his mental recovery from the last fight against Mora so we may all expect him back strong as ever. In the next couple of weeks he will be busy with the training that he gives at the sport centre and he will be on the road quite often to give workshops and so on. As far as known now the rematch against Mora might take place at the end of may. But nothing is confirmed yet. So we wait and see. One thing is for sure and that is that a lot of people are waiting for that rematch. There was a lot of email of people who couldn't believe what happened in the first fight but these fans are as sure as we are that Nordin will make up for it next time. Mora won't know what's hit him:-D  The website is changed a bit here and there. We added pictures of which the belts are difficult to scan so we'll get them done in another way but that will take some time. So for the time being we leave it as it is. Other things like guestbook are still on hold.

21-03-2003 (Written by Nordin) Hello everyone, It is 5 days after the fight and how do I feel? What do I think about the fight? I actually thought that I would destroy him within 4 rounds! As soon as I heard the bell I started rough, but almost instantly I felt that I didn't have the strength to do it. And that gut feeling was right, because I couldn't stop Mora for a moment and that's where I made my huge mistake: I should have slowed myself down a bit and just fight on points but I did the contrary and I just kept on beating him and thinking to myself that was untouchable. And friends was really not the case! So i just kept on going and going and now and then I heard my corner so I started boxing again like I'm supposed to, but it didn't take long before the reckless Nordin took over again and we all know where that brought me. The fight was stopped by the referee 30 seconds before the end and it took me by surprise because as far as I knew I was only blocking and looking for the opportunity to give Mora one of my famous KOs (haha). Although I was surprised it didn't really matter to me at that moment because my boxing had been so bad that I actually didn't care anymore!!!! About Mora: he did fight as I thought he would. It was just me not boxing as I usually do. As far as I know now my first fight will be against Mora again to get the title back and that fight will be like how it should have been in the first place!!!!! peace in earth!!!! Greetings Fighting Nordin

21-03-2003 Nordin's throat is much better now. Good news for people who have been waiting for the pictures, because the pictures will be online this week.

18-03-2003 Nordin called this morning to say that he is taking it easy. He didn't feel too well, but he is getting himself together again. He never expected that the fight would turn out like it did. The question why is still going through his mind. He still cannot believe and understand why or what was in his way to make him perform like that. But at the same time he can put things in perspective and knows very well that anyone can have a bad day and last Sunday was just a very bad day for him. Also he said that he might fight Mora again, but nothing is sure yet. As soon as there's any news he will let you all know. As his voice was very hoarse and his throat hurting we hung up and he will try to reply the email tomorrow. He was pleased to hear about his fan mail and he can't wait to read it.

16-03-2003 Unfortunately Nordin lost the fight against Francisco Mora. All we know at this moment is that Nordin lost on 12 rounds and that he has a big cut under one of his eyes. More details as soon as possible!

15-03-2003 At 12 this afternoon the fighters were weighed in Amsterdam at the Novo Hotel. To Nordin it was cosy like in the old days with all the nervous fighters around him. It give him a very nice feeling. Nordin's weight is 75.5 kg so that went well. Mora's weight is 75.7. According to Nordin Mora seemed fit so Nordin is very sure that it is going to be quite a fight tomorrow.

14-03-2003 (Written by Nordin) Hello everybody, Here's Nordin. Peace on earth! (everybody should say it) I just got back from Lanzarote. It is Thursday today and my opponent Francisco Mora has arrived in The Netherlands. The promoter (Marc de Weerd) of the upcoming event coming Sunday told me that Mora looks very healthy and is looking forward to the fight. So we can expect a lot Sunday! Mora is not going to give it to me easily.

I feel very good, I did what I had to do to bring this fight to a positive ending.So Mora...WATCH OUT! I expect that Mora starts the fight in an aggressive way like all South-American fighters do. So I will start the first round focused on taking over control of the fight and build up from there. In case that doesn't work out I'll just beat him through the ring:-D So everybody come and see because it is going to be spectacular! Also it is now for sure that Mikkel Kessler won't fight me, in a way I already expected that he wouldn't. Kessler decide to fight for the vacant WBC intercontinental which gives the opportunity to find an opponent by himself. He'll probably pick someone who is most likely less good then I am. It is not to my liking do, because this fight would have brought me closer to the World title.  It is unfortunate for me that Danish boxers are cowards. I challenge them all! With regards to you all and yet again: Peace on earth (if we all say that everything will be all right in the end) Let's talk with each other instead of making war. Nordin ben Salah

12-03-2003 It's noticeable that we come nearer the fight against Mora next Sunday. Nordin is concentrating only on the fight. Nordin is very confident about winning this fight. We are trying with Nordin to get an interview on the web before the fight, but yet again.. it's hard for Nordin to find the time right now. Also there's a cd coming our way some time with pictures. Around the web and else there are people who don't have a ticket for Sunday yet so if you are one of them go to the events page where you can find the nearest selling point in your area! See link to ticket box. See you in a couple of days! You'll notice changes here and there on the website. Slowly but surely we'll grow to what it has to be in the end. We try to keep the site as light as possible so it won't take ages to load, but if there are people having to wait long before a page is actually shown please let us know.

07-03-2003 It's not only the sky that's blue in's Nordin's eye as well:-) Anyway...we got some pictures from Nordin which are added to the picture page. By the look of it Nordin is getting a nice tan while working hard... We're still unable to use the scanner so have some patience and it will be rewarded with some nice pictures of Nordin and his belts.

04-03-2003 Nordin is having a good time in La Santa Sport. His daily schedule consists of three times a day training very hard. In between and the rest of the day he enjoys the nice weather, the clear blue sky and all that you can think of...well as long as it has to do with relaxation:-)

02-03-2003 Bad news...Nordin really didn't have any time for the promised updates. That's a bit disappointing, but on the other hand it's quite understandable when working hard like he does. So...that leaves us with only the message that he is in Lanzarote (Spain) right know in a training camp to get ready for his fight against Francisco Mora. He told us that he's 200% ready for it when he comes back after this week’s training in La Santa Sport.

28-02-2003  We didn't get much done lately. Nordin is extremely busy. It's a man of many talents. With so much dedication to his sport he can make a boxer out of anyone. It's very enjoyable to see him at work when he teaches children how to box. And their training is hard, but they love it. A page where we have a closer look at Nordin's other talents and the people he works with is still under construction. It also might also might take some prejudice away from people who think that a boxer is nothing but a boxer. As many readers under you will know that it takes more to be great boxer then just muscle and training. Our Nordin is a great example of that. Anyway ...the Weblog of today was meant to tell you that Nordin is trying for days to get to us for more information, news and so on, but he just couldn't make it. He is hoping to get to it tonight, because he is leaving for a training camp very soon and he did not want to leave without leaving us with a fresh update about his latest things.

23-02-2003 There have been some changes in the lay-out. The definite website will take some time before it's ready. So until that time we keep this website up to date with the latest news and pictures etcetera. Nordin is very busy with his new house. He is moving this weekend to his new place. Nordin will be online again as soon as possible so that he can reply to his email sooner. At the same time he will start adding news and others things to this website. Obviously we would like him to pick up on this Weblog so we know exactly what he's been up to:-D


Soon we will add some great pictures of Nordin which are taken just after some of the many great performances and tremendous victories of this impressive boxer. This week Nordin has taken his first steps on the internet! Some people might have noticed that already because they received reply to their email. It didn't take long for Nordin to understand how it works, in fact he was very pleased with the email he received and had great pleasure in replying even do he had a little struggle with the keyboard:-D

10-02-2003 We received some emails about news concerning Nordin. The answers is: yes we will provide the latest news about and from Nordin here on this website. But at this moment it still takes a lot of time to get the website ready. We are trying to get the latest and hottest news here as soon as possible!

03-02-2003 A nice start: This weekend Nordin will come by to provide us with pictures and information. So he will be online to read his email! 



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